Space Oddity- David Bowie and Kristen Wiig

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was an AMAZING movie. Everyone should see it. It makes you want to forget everything and travel the world. The soundtrack for this movie is really good as well. My fav is this version of the classic David Bowie song. Kristen Wiig has a lovely voice and she compliments the song perfectly.

Slow It Down- The Lumineers

I am loving this song at the moment. I really like the lyrics to this song. Makes me wonder what its all about

Elliott Smith- Needle in the Hay

I think this is one of the saddest songs after watching the Royal Tenenbaums.

Alt J- Tessellate

Such a good song, his country twang is perfect for this dragging beat. Also the lyrics are pretty interesting. 

Three guns and one goes off
One’s empty, one’s not quick enough
One burn, one red, one grin
Search the graves while the camera spins

London Grammar- Hey Now

I am in love with her voice! Its like Annie Lennox so deep and smoky. 

Atlas Genius-Trojan

Really good song with a good beat. Reminds me a lot of Kings of Leon. 

Arctic Monkeys- One for the Road

I am loving their new Album! This song and Do I Wanna Know? are my fav so far. I really like the use of base and drums in the songs. Its like a happy middle between their fast first album and their slower more recent albums. 

White Lies- Change

I am so excited about this cd ( Big TV). It has some great songs on it. This is one of my favs. Their songs always have an echo feel to them, like hes singing in a tunnel to a person on the other side. Epic

What She Said-Katy Goodman

Loving this song at the moment. It’s a really good cover of The Smiths. 

Love is Blindness- Jack White

Just saw The Great Gatsby, which was a really good movie. And it made me love this song. Its like old school rock and a little like deadweather which jack white is in. It’s like love just consumes you to the point where it destroies everything in your life. Makes me think of a quote from the artist Harland Miller “Love Conqures Nothing”.